A Water Project on Rhodes

The last three months I’ve been predominantly based in the UK and haven’t really been visiting resorts – it’s a bit hectic overseas during the height of summer and they could do without having to look after me if I go over.  That’s all about to change now that the end of season is upon us and winter is about to start.

I’ve just visited Rhodes with a colleague from The Travel Foundation as we’re working on a water project with two hotels there, the SENTIDO Mitsis Rodos Maris and the Sunwing Kallithea.  Both hotels are at really different points of the sustainability journey with Sunwing being very advanced already.  This is a great challenge for us to therefore identify how we can go even further, it’s more than likely going to be technological solutions that we’re looking at so we’re working with a local consultant with a background in engineering to help us.  We also want to understand the impacts our operations have on water in general on the island and the risks to our business in the event that there are severe water shortages affecting the tourism industry.  It’s going to be a really interesting project.  Both hotel managers and staff are behind the programme and hugely supportive.  We’ll be working on a set of recommendations for both hotels over the winter – they also need to be applicable to other hotels within the SENTIDO and Sunwing chains in order for us to make a wider positive impact.  It’s something I’m really excited about working on and I can’t wait to be able to report back on progress at the start of summer next year.

Jo Baddeley

Thomas Cook

Graduated in 2011

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