How lobbying can turn to business and RT action

Last year I was invited to participate in a Tourist Industry Council (TIC NSW) meeting. Its aim was  to discuss a response to the New South Wales Government’s invitation for contributions to their new Visitor Economy Taskforce (VET). The taskforce was set up to identify ways to double visitor expenditure by 2020.

I used the meeting to emphasis the how tourism can be used identify and conserve local distinguishing features which then become the competitive points of difference.

The chairman of TIC and the CEO of regional NSW tourism both asked me to write outlining the points. The paper can be found here

A month later I was notified that I have been appointed to undertake a new product training programme for Central NSW Tourism, based on the recommendation of the CEO of regional NSW tourism. I was awarded the contract on the strategic thinking conveyed in the paper.

My observations from this are:

a)      It is essential to be directly involved in industry peak bodies and be involved in policy making opportunities. This gives you both an opportunity to shape policy but also to influence others

b)      Writing arguments which explain practically why RT is a better way forward allow others to reflect and comprehend the arguments. Not everyone has the same life experience; theories can be in conflict with people’s beliefs. It is necessary to prepare a logical form of argument to help persuade.

I also sent the paper to the VET committee. Some of their final recommendation mirror the overall concept explained in the paper. A little progress. More can be read here

The new product development project is underway. I am focusing on building tourism “from the bottom up” through training workshops, tourism trails and sustainable supply chain management. Incidentally we have now boosted the budget a little with the inclusion of an Environmental Trust grant to assist with the supply chain education. The idea of Local Distinctiveness as a tool to build more sustainable tourism is gaining momentum in this project.

You can observe progress from the ICRT – Australia site here

Christopher Warren
International Centre for Responsible Tourism – Australia
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Jus’ Sail completes Inaugural Youth Sailing Programme

Jus’ Sail, based in Rodney Bay Marina, have successfully completed their inaugural Youth Sail Training Programme, which took place over six action packed days from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th August 2012. The Purpose of the programme was to reconnect participants with the heritage and tradition of West Indian sailing through an introduction to the basics of seamanship aboard an authentic Carriacou Sloop, the indigenous trading vessel of the Windward Islands, whilst giving an overview of various possible careers within the marine sector.

The aims of the programme were that students would

  1. gain an understanding of the marine heritage of the islands,
  2. grow in confidence on and in the water aboard a traditional sailboat and swimming/snorkelling respectively;
  3. become more confident communicators, effective leaders and willing team members
  4. gather knowledge and skills that would  improve their readiness for employment within the marine tourism sector or other service industries;
  5. broaden their knowledge of marine environmental issues and strengthen their commitment to conservation of St Lucia’s natural resources.

Three students put themselves forward and were accepted on to the programme through a partnership with Corinth Secondary School namely; Lance Jean (16), Prince Stanislas (15) and Jn Pierre Prudent (14). All three students completed the programme and proudly received their certificates of satisfactory participation.
Jus’ Sail, a newcomer to the day charter industry in St Lucia, utilises the Carriacou Sloop ~ Good Expectation for their private charters, and this piece of floating West Indian heritage became the student’s floating classroom for the week of the programme. When starting Jus’ Sail husband and wife team, James and Pepsi Crockett, planned that a portion of time would be given over to teaching local students about the heritage of these local vessels and the opportunities that the yachting and marine sectors have to offer young local people on the island. They now intend that having successfully completed this first programme that it will become an annual event with increased participation and, with sufficient funding, possibly a year long mentorship component to ensure student participants gain longer term support in their focus on career progression. The likelihood of growing the programme is made all the more possible by the generous sponsorship in terms of financial assistance and staff time of IGY Rodney Bay Marina who came aboard as platinum sponsors shortly before the start of this initial programme. As such, on behalf of the students Jus’ Sail would like to thank Adam Foster, General Manager of IGY Rodney Bay Marina and Boat Yard for his support of the programme and all the staff and contractors who shared their experience and time with the students over the week. Mr Foster commented:
“IGY Rodney Bay Marina is proud to sponsor this new, ground breaking sail and marine industry training program. This sort of specialized training has been lacking in the past and we firmly believe that through education Saint Lucia can grow to become one of the most reputable Islands for yachtsmen and woman to visit, strengthening the tourism product as a whole. The fact that this training is being provided on board a traditional Carriacou sloop to people that may not have been able to access such training makes it all the more special in our eyes. We wish the students all the very best in completing the course outline and becoming members of the marine and tourism industry.”
Jus’ Sail can only agree believing wholeheartedly that there is room for a much greater focus upon training a new generation of employees and entrepreneurs within the marine sector to allow St Lucia to increase its regional position of influence in this important economic sector.
For further information on Jus’ Sail and its youth programme please like their Facebook page and visit their website –
For further information please contact – James Crockett, Owner, Jus’ Sail on 287 1071 or

James Crockett completed his MSc and became part of the ICRT Alumni in 2010